*little delight*

I know, even though I’m not a super duper cheerful type of person, I’m always the blessed one. Good little things keep happening around. And today at the beginning of a week they all bloom. I can’t help but write it down in a mildly pleasant mood.

Yesterday was Sunday – the first day ever since I got back to Tainan I didn’t tip my toe outside. I was terribly drowned in thesis, translating, reports and so on. It was raining hard. I spent 10 hours straight sitting at my laptop, then had a kind of relief and somewhat satisfaction seeing the pile of work getting done and done.

Anyway, it was so yesterday. I gave myself a long nice sleep. Just before I threw myself to bed, on my facebook feeds randomly appeared someone’s post – it was a Mongolian song, chanting indeed, with melodious tune repeating “Om Mani Padme Hum”. I fell asleep on that.

This morning, the first thing I did after waking up was writing a journal, with an actual pen, in an actual notebook. I let my mind flow and dropped down a few messy pages in English, Vietnamese and a little bit Chinese, but it was great. I drew  simple mind maps. I spent one whole page just for “Om Mani Padme Hum”. Either I was focus on that, or was fled away with thoughts, my mind was well reflected on my writing. I should do that daily.

In the afternoon, I spent 30 minutes to start self-learning yoga. It is all about breathing, stretching out, and let the body do the dance. “Inhale. Exhale. Then let it be”.

I thought about “Tathātā”,the pronunciation for the Tibetan word དེ་བཞིན་ཉིད་, in Chinese: 真如, which can be beautifully translated into Tiếng Việt as “Như nhiên”. “Suchness” or “Thusness” – whatever it is defined in English, is the idea that you’re able to  live right here right now at this moment with the utmostly full concentration, which can be acquired by focusing on the breath.

Got a chat with Panda. She was thinking to re-start on her own blog about Islam. We talked about the blog, about my journal, her Japanese boss. She said: “whatever good seed we can do, just do” and that was the most brilliant phrase of the day. I told her about how I am increasingly in love with Vietnamese culture, history and language – that’s my root. She said I could consider to become a storyteller – oh such a nice dreamy word to use 🙂

We also talked about fasting. Panda has that experience for one month every year. I have none, but I decided that I would intermittently fast 2 days a week, starts from today. Sounds serious doesn’t it, but actually it is just  a calorie restriction of 500kcal only.

Talking about finding a job after my June graduation. Mom and Dad hope I will go back to Hanoi – where there are ones whoI love and love me the most. Đường told me that today, when she was talking to her mom, she said whenever her family visited Lý Sơn, they should tag me along – then her mom said: “let’s tell con Thảo to go to Saigon find a job and stay as well” haha. Chị Tư also asked if I wanted to go south, her mom wouldn’t mind having another Út daughter 🙂

Awww! That’s too much love around. Behave to deserve them all, kid!

I’m aslo taliking to my friend in NhaTrang recently, who is applying the living theory of “In the now” quite straight forward in his, and he’s a handsome subject to look at. Just enjoy the moment, not the past or the future.

I am not having any specific imaginations for the days coming either, not even any plans. But I guess I will soon have to answer the question “What do you want to do in the future” one day or another. Then, mine would be: I will breath, eat, go, read, write, colour, sing, dance and tell stories, I will plant some actual trees, and if possible, drill some wells. That’s for now.

Finally, for the conclusion, here is a young pretty Leo ❤



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