Casual days

Haha. It’s been 2 weeks, I’ve been typing nonsensical and no one notices. Wonderful.

Chip complained to me once, or twice, I did not count, how she hates facebook. Ok maybe that sounds a bit too much. She dislikes it. There, being politically correct and neutral.

I understand perfectly well. I don’t like facebook either. One day you disappear from facebook and you feel free, from all pending messages or notifications which, being absent, might trigger you to reflect upon your own existence and meaning. Two days, that is a great achievement, you don’t frantically open up every single link there is about cats or dogs or pandas, or seeing someone having a blast somewhere, or hearing about another person having another marriage, break-up, baby, or the likes, or the general dissatisfaction with whatever.

One week, people might think you have died. Your existence equates with the number of interaction you have on facebook. Zero – you are dead, you disappear from collective memories. You are left to ponder things alone, and occasionally reminded of how much you want to share this awesome piece of read to a friend, without using facebook.

Another thing that makes me dislike facebook is, unless I share this stuff I’m typing on wordpress via facebook, it’s never going to get a view. Haha. There. So, these two weeks, I have been enjoying the feeling of writing whatever stuff I like, without having to worry about how it’s going to be read, because apparently, if people don’t like it, they won’t actively search for it, clicking a link on facebook is a simple numb-minding thing to do, and that is what most did. Best feel ever. Another side note, since Chip is busy with her graduation and all other fun, I doubt she would discover these nonsensical ramblings soon. Haha.

Okay, so how is life, you ask? I have discovered a way to get to sleep. For some weird reason, if I turn a 45 degree, I can sleep. It means if my head-toe aligns with the North-South direction, I can sleep. Yes, sleep is gold. You can never sleep enough. Every morning waking up and doing things is a disruption to the brain.

Today is 6th day of Ramadan. Personally after the 2nd day I barely even notice anything different in life. Got the picture of the moon on the 2nd day, looks great. Now the moon has orbited to another angle which I cannot see from my own window anymore. See you later, moon.

I got to know some interesting humans at work, which is a big deal given how extraverted I am. Exactly, you get the point.

One is an American, every time he talks, it gives away a feeling that this guy is born and raised a hippy. I mean no judgement here. He likes nature, talked about being vegetarian, not judgmental, does not care about his looks. He has this one coat that I can see him in every day, regardless of the weather, even when it’s 38 degrees outside. Granted, we have air-conditioning, too cold at times. Yet he has another yellow rain-coat. Casual is not the right word. He does not give a care about how he looks. This type of people put me at ease.

Anyways, he’s been to all Arab Peninsula (worked there for years too), known all the ugly nasty truth about the place and people there (and also the kind people too, I should mention, trying to practice positivism), yet still not judgmental (that for me is a truly fascinating point). He’s been to Jerusalem as well, and knows pretty well the teachings of Judaism, Christianity, and Islam, which is, you know, rare, given how much religious extremists manage to scare people away from understanding a religion.

Another is (probably) British. Never asked for his nationality but his accent was the give-away. At first I thought he was any another European national but British. Does not matter. Anyway we never talked, for the 2 years I have been working, every morning there would be me, him, the American, another nice lady in IT, and another person in Accounting – the earliest creatures on the floor. Yet I was the weirdo that manage to say ‘morning’ everyday, and sit at my place, minding my own business, without giving too much thought about how humans are supposed to interact.

Anyways, one day, I could not ignore any longer the fact that he has a swollen leg, and seems in pain, with crutches. I started asking. It turned out, with the miracle of negligence, certain doctor (or nurse, I’m not sure), at a certain well-known hospital in Hanoi (I wish them a lawsuit), managed to turn his strain into a fully scary case. I would not go into details, but basically now the poor man has a certain type of flesh-eating virus to fight against, thanks to those certain negligent people.

Anger management aside, this guy is also extremely nice, also been to all those countries in Middle East and some in Africa, with his family, years ago. World is now different, he says. I agree. It’s been so different, the thought of going to those countries and come back in one piece is the equivalent of practicing positivism.

Anyway, the other day the American asked if I’d ever want to go to Arab Saudi. Given my certain belief, of course at some point I have to go there and visit Mecca. But I secretly wish Mecca was not on the Saudi’s soil. I do not see Islam in so many aspects that this country does, and it is continuing to represent – the corruption of Islam in modern days. Everything is just a shell, institutionalized, power-inducing forces with mask of religion. Emptiness is underneath those cloaks. In fact I’m more concerned about whether at one point I will become one creature similar to Azkaban guards, soul-less, rotten, but still existing, in an illusion that I’m doing everything right.

So much for self-reflection. Hail positivism.

Oh, rewatched Tomorrowland yesterday, again reminded to feed the right wolf.






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